Allison Sekemoto
General Information





Skin Color:

Pale White

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Vampire,Human (former)




Dead (technically)

Book of Death:

The Immortal Rules (as a vampire)


Kanin (sire), Jackel (blood brother)


Zeke (lover)

Lucas (deceased possible lover)


Kanin, Zeke, Caleb Jackel


Series Information

First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Forever Song

Allison "Allie" Sekemoto was turned into a vampire by her unlikely ally and vampire mentor, Kanin. She is snarky and sarcastic, but also brave, defiant, and bold, and often carries a katana. She is later revealed as being a master vampire, from coming out of hibernation so quickly after being staked in the heart.


The Immortal RulesEdit

You will always be a monster - there is no turning back from that. But what kind of monster you become is entirely up to you."

Living in New Covington - one of the Vampire cities - Allison, also referred to as "Allie", lives as an unregistered with her small crew of street rats-Lucas, Rat and Stick. Venturing beyond the safety of the walls to scavenge for food, Allie finds a whole basement of stashed food in tin cans locked away from view.

Convincing Lucas to head out to the ruins again before the lockdown, Allie leads them back to the basement. Suddenly, a storm had appeared. Not wasting anymore time, they head back out with bags full of food. Rabids appear clawing at the group, Allie soon gets surrounded as she tries to distract the Rabids from an injured Stick. Slowly dying, a Vampire comes to her rescue. 

She is offered a choice, to die as a human, or become a bloodsucker. She faces death either way. The Vampire, Kanin, stays with Allie for the first few months, teaching her all the necessities to survive as a Vampire. Desperately clinging onto the past she is overcome by guilt, but Kanin convinces her that it is for the best if she leaves it behind.

The Eternity CureEdit

Allison teams up with her blood brother, Jackal, to save her creator. After they find Zeke and Kanin, Jackal runs away. But when Allie and Kannin find Sarren they realise that Jackal left to help them by pretending to switch sides and work for Sarren and trick him.

The Forever SongEdit


Allison is a brave young woman, with noteworthy snark, sarcasm, toughness, and defiance. She likes to be in control of situations, and is fiercly loyal to those whom she cares for. However, she lives by the rules of survival and does what it takes to stay alive. She is driven and determined, and though at times harsh, cold, serious, and unsympathetic, this is what she has to do to survive. Allison craves to become human once again and save humanity. She tries keep her humanity intact as much as possible, since she despises the creature she has become, but the thirst for blood is too strong for her. The name 'Allison' is generally taken to mean 'noble' and 'truthful' which generally apply to her.

Physical attributesEdit

Allison is described as a small, beautiful, exotic-looking Asian vampire with straight black hair, pale skin, and "squinty eyes". She is 5'0 in The Immortal Rules.


Ezekiel "Zeke" CrosseEdit


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