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Dead (technically)

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None known






Kanin, Sarren
Series Information

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The Eternity Cure

Last Appearance:

The Eternity Cure

Azura is a Master Vampire and Prince of Old D.C. Not much else is known about Azura, although much can be speculated. She's an apparent ally of Jackal, though it can be hinted that they were for a time more than allies. It can be speculated that she took part in the mass hunt of Kanin. He stated that this was the first time in centuries that the other Masters had banded together under a common goal: To hunt and kill Kanin.

She first and only appearance on the books is in the Eternity Cure. Allison is searching for her sire, Kanin, and follows a blood tie she believes to be him. It turns out she was following the wrong tie, as it turned out to be Jackal instead. Allison prepares to fight Jackal, but before she can Azura appears and asks she refrain from doing so. Jackal and her go on to explain that Sarren had recently been in her city, below in the underground tunnels near an old lab searching for something. The next night, she bids Jackal and Allison farewell as they venture into the tunnels in search of whatever Sarren was looking for. She gives them some supplies and they leave.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Master, Azura is presumably a very powerful vampire. While she has no fight scenes in her only appearance, as a Master she can be speculated as being just as strong and fast as Kanin or Salazar. Allison stated while being near her she could feel the power radiating off her deceitfully slender form. Additionally Allison forced herself to not attack Jackal when they were in D.C. as she knew Azura would step in and she'd stand no chance against her.

Personality Edit

Even though Allison only met her once, she gained a good insight to the personality of the Vampiress. She described her as having the same "cool-air" as Kanin. She treats everything, vampire or human, with detached interest. This seems to be a common trait in many Master Vampires. When she needs or desires anything or something annoys her, she doesn't even need to get angry, she simply speaks in a way that tells you to obey.

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