Ezekiel Crosse
General Information





Skin Color:

White Tan

Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Human (former)


Puppy (Jackal)
Preacher's Boy (Allie)



Book of Death:

The Eternity Cure


Jeb (adoptive father)


Allison Sekemoto


Jeb, Allison Sekemoto, Ruth, Jackal


Series Information

First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Forever Song
Spoiler warning! Plot and ending details follow.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Crosse is one of the main characters in the Blood of Eden series. He is the human leader of the group searching for Eden. He is also the love interest of Allie. Described as her opposite, he is friendly, trusting, and kind. As the series progresses, we see many changes in Zeke. After his "death" in The Eternity Cure" and Allison, Kanin, and Jackal set out to hunt Sarren down and destroy him for what he's done. They reach Old Chicago and to Allison's shock and later horror, she finds Zeke, not dead. It's then she discovers something horrible...Zeke no longer has a heartbeat. Zeke is now a vampire.


The Immortal RulesEdit

Zeke meets Allison when she was trying to find the lost crew of Caleb. He also helps Allison when Allison have a problem doing things. Slowly, he found himself falling for her. However, as Allison is a vampire and Zeke does not know that she is one, Allison can do nothing but to push him away constantly, into Ruth's arm, who has liked Zeke for a long time. but sometime in the book, he learns that Allie is a vampire after Ruth sees her preying on a rabid wounded man. He shares his first kiss with Alliso when they got to old Chicago to find Zeke's family (crew).

The Eternity CureEdit

Zeke found Allie with Jackal while he went searching for Allison after she left without explaining and asked why Jackal was with her and was shocked that they are siblings. Then, working together, they managed to save Kanin who was caught by psychopath Sarren.  He and Allie also accepted each other when Zeke finally confessed his feelings completely and at the end of the book, Zeke is killed by Sarren and admits that he loves Allie. In the third book, The forever song, Allie, Kanin and Jackal set off to find Sarren and get revenge.

The Forever SongEdit



He is described as: sweet, caring, passionate and loyal. He sees the good in everyone. 

He is also very determined to help people. In The Eternity Cure, he left Eden in search of Allison, but came across the Unregistereds in the Fringe. He found them a safe place to stay in the tunnels, where he became their 'leader'. Zeke was very determined to help them and risked his life in order to help them. 

Although he is a very sweet, kind character, he also has a strong sense of vengeance; he wants to kill Jackal to avenge all the people who died at his hand.

He also would kill any vampire, rabid or evil person without batting an eyelid. He only lets Allison go in The Immortal Rules, because he had feelings for her.

Physical attributesEdit

Zeke is described as handsome, tall and lean, with bright blue eyes and light blonde hair. Zeke is presumably of Caucasian descent.


Allison SekemotoEdit

Allison is Zeke's romantic interest. He cares very deeply for her. Even though she is a vampire and Zeke is human, he believes that somehow their relationship can work. Allison is wary of this.

The first time he says he loves her is in the end of The Eternity Cure, although it was not to her face.

Allison is able to see that Zeke loves her and she also has the same feelings for him.  She keeps telling herself not to fall for Zeke so she won't bite him and make him all hers. When Zeke and Allie go to save the group, Allie hides Zeke when raiders are coming, she tells him try not to attract attention. Then Zeke says "Allie, you're a beautiful, exotic looking vampire girl with a katana. Trust me, if anyone is going to attract attention, it's not going to be me." After that, all Allie could think of, was that he had called her beautiful.

Zeke and Allie kiss when they try to save refugees from bleeders and Kanin sees them. After, Zeke and Allie share a bed for one night.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Zeke and Allie end up having sex for the first time when they reach Eden; the terms used in the book indicating that they where both virgins.[2]


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