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Dead (technically)


Allison Sekemoto (blood sister) Kanin (sire)


Allison Sekemoto Sarren

Jackal (born "James") is the king of Old Chicago and one of the most powerful enemies Allison Sekemoto has faced.[citation needed] He is also her "Blood Brother," as both Jackal and Allison were Turned by Kanin. He is the Raider king, leader of the Raider pack, which Zeke's group was trying to avoid on the way to Eden.


Jackal's name when he was a human was James. Kanin found Jackal on the road after Jackal had been shot in the leg and was crawling from bandits that murdered his family. Kanin found him shot, badly wounded, and on the verge of dying. Kanin Turned him in order to save his life, but the two parted on bad terms after about three months.[citation needed] He originally thought that Jackal would be the offspring to help him find a cure for Rabidism. However, Kanin discovered that Jackal only wanted a cure so he could create a vampire army and attack other master vampires. Kanin soon saw the monster he created and tried to kill Jackal but failed.[citation needed]

After leaving Kanin, Jackal began biulding up his army of raiders in the hopes that one day he would be able to turn them all, without any becoming rabids. This explains his obsession of finding a cure and eventually leads him to meeting his blood sister, Allison Sekemoto. Jackal was almost killed by Jebidiah and Allie on separate occasions.



Jackal is extremely arrogant and ruthless. He likes his games bloody and his meals bloodier. He also constantly gets on everyone's nerves with snarky comments and rude jabs.He can be trusted as long as the situation at hand benefits his own agenda.

Physical attributesEdit

Allie describes Jackal as tall, lean and muscular with thick black hair pulled into a pony-tail. He has a handsome young face with smooth, pale skin. His eyes are a lazy gold.