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Skin Color:

Pale White

Eye Color:


Hair Color:







Allison Sekemoto, Jackal


Salazar, Sarren
Series Information

First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Forever Song

Kanin is Allison Sekemoto's sire and her mentor. Kanin is a powerful, ancient vampire - one of the Masters, meaning he is pure-blooded, unlike most vampires. It is never mentioned whether Kanin is his actual name or not, as when Allie asks whether that's his name, he says that she may call him Kanin, but never said it was his name. 


The Immortal RulesEdit

It is revealed that after Kanin is captured by Sarren, Kanin was the vampire who betrayed the other vampires, including Sarren, to the human scientists in search for a cure to the Red Lung Disease. Thus basically creating the Rabids.

Kanin found Jackal in a ditch suffering from a bullet wound to the leg, he turned him into a vampire therefore becoming his sire, making Jackal and Allie have a "bond" through the bloodline.

The Forever SongEdit



Kanin is described by Allie as being dark and mysterious, with good fighting skills and knowledge about vampires and vampire history. Allie also describes that Kanin believes that even though some vampires are trying to be as close to human as possible, beneath everything vampires are and will always be savage, blood-thirsty beasts who feed off of human kind.

Physical attributesEdit

Kanin is described by Allie as being tall with dark hollowed eyes, muscular figures, broad shoulders and old in age. Allie also states in the book that if you didn't look closely enough at his features, he could pass as a human.

It is possible that the name Kanin comes from the french "canine", meaning fang.


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