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Book of Death:

The Forever Song








Kanin, Allison Sekemoto Jackal
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First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Forever Song

Sarren is a scarred, cryptic, hypnotic, and psychotic Master Vampire after Allison Sekemoto and her sire, Kanin.

The reason why is because when Kanin first working with the scientisits they used vampire blood in many of their sadistic experiments. Sarren was one of the many victims in this operation that eventually created what we know as the rabbids. Kept in a cage Sarren describes himself as being probed with needles and being strapped down until he 'sang'.

He eventually kidnaps Kanin and tortures him for revenge for all his suffering until he is forced into hibernation. Soon after he makes a strain of the Red Lung Virus and tests it on New Covington. This turns out to be a dangerous turn for all species, rabbids, humans and vampires. The new strain started with humans, therefore limiting the vampires "food supply".

'Sarren' is also a Dutch word, and when conjugated to a verb, translates to English words such as 'torment' and 'provoke'. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.


He's described throughout the series as psychotic ,terrifying, and dangerous. When Jackal asks Allision if she thinks if he(Jackal) is bad,you haven't seen anything until you've met Sarren. Allison later comes to realize how true this is. He's also very unpredictable and his mere presence is terrifying. He's described as having no humanity left and will casually slaughter anything in his path,vampire or human or animal, just for fun. Even Kanin didn't want to cross paths with him, though this doesn't imply he feared him,maybe it just meant he was somebody he wanted to avoid. Even other Masters such as Azura feared him or at least did not want him around.

Abilities and StrengthEdit

Sarren was an extremely powerful vampire. Its stated several times indirectly that he was a Master. His strength allowed him to take down several opponents at once and even catch Master Vampires such as Salazar off guard. He's also described as being terrifyingly fast,crossing rooms in the blink of an eye and appearing in mere blurs to Allison. His strength and speed allowed him to fight Kanin and Allison at the same time. Its speculated that he's roughly equal to Kanin in speed and strength, though Kanin himself stated that he could not take on Sarren alone. Allison rather speculated that it was Sarren's insanity that made him so powerful. But in most encounters where he faces Kanin, Kanin is almost always injured or sick or holding himself back because of Allison. Even other Master Vampires such as Azura were weary of just how dangerous he really was as she stated that she scaled her entire city's wall until she was sure he was gone.