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Book of Death:

The Eternity Cure
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First Appearance:

The Immortal Rules

Last Appearance:

The Eternity Cure

Stick was a former ally of Allison Sekemoto. She looked after Stick in the fringe as he was apart of her gang. After Allison 'turned' she went to see him after she heard he had joined Kyle's gang. But when she revealed her true identity he turned on her and went to the Prince. Stick later becomes the pet of Prince Salazar and turns Allison over to the guards when she shows up at the castle to save Kanin.


Stick was believed to be torn apart by the Red Lung Disease infected vampires, the rabids, but was later revealed to be alive.[citation needed]

Stick is now called Stephen the pet and aide to the vampire prince Salazar of New Covington.[1] He betrays Allison by giving Zeke to Sarren, and is left to die in a bed by Allison by letting him succumb to his fatal wounds done by Sarren.[1]


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